Vienna, Vienna, Vienna !!!

One of my future plans is to travel the world and search for stylish people to see what kind of fashion we can find on the streets of different counties and different cities. So this time I took a trip to Vienna in Austria and found some great looking people 🙂

I would describe Vienna’s style as expensive and classy.
People here really spend a lot of time and money to nurture this type of look. But young people in their everyday style for sure have an urban pinch.

Here are the pictures of some people with signature Vienna style:

Vienna style
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Classic red dress paired with black jacket and black handbag – perfect combination that can never look wrong. She was doing some shopping in the center of the city so this look was totally appropriate for a lovely afternoon walk. I love the cut on this dress, it is the perfect length and structure for her figure. If the dress doesn’t fit you perfectly, it is a disaster. This beautiful dress, fitted her amazingly and flattered her skin tone as well 🙂

Photography by: Jovana Markovic

I always say that style is totally connected with a person’s personality. And like his personality, his style is so fabulous and adorable. He was going back home from work, and still, he looked great. Jeans tailored to perfection made him look slim and stylish. I loved that he paired Navy blue blazer with his jeans, and gave his urban look a perfect amount of class, considering his youth. One the most stylish men I’ve seen in Vienna for sure 🙂

Photography by: Jovana Markovic

She is so gorgeous! Her style is the perfect representation of Vienna. She was so elegant and such a lady. I loved this strange looking lapel on her jacket. Her entire style was minimalist and classy.  Less is more, right? 🙂 She was just about to sit down in the cafe for some coffee when I stopped her for picture. Amazing everyday outfit for sure 🙂

I hope you could find some inspiration from these people 🙂

Stay tuned for more coming soon!!!

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