Romania’s street style!!!

Hey there, I’m back again with new post and this time I will be talking about Romania’s street style.

Like I wrote in about me section of my blog, my plan is to travel as much as I can and capture stylish looking people on the streets of different cities and countries 🙂 I really want to see is there any major difference in the way we dress worldwide, or do we tend to take in the same trends everywhere. But the final results will be in the years to come! 🙂

I took a trip to Timisoara in Romania and first of all, I was amazed how beautiful the city is. But we are here to talk about fashion, and surly people there have fabulous styles. So let’s see what did my camera caught on the streets of this gorgeous city!

Romania street style
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

This guy is phenomenal! I like that he made this outfit completely comfortable since it was hell hot outside, but still managed to look stylish and  notable. Plaid shirt with good color combination matched amazingly with denim bermuda shorts and black slippers made of capsized leather. And of course, at such a sunny day, sunglasses are a must have! I can not find anything wrong with this look, can you? 🙂

human braiding hair
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

She is totally cool. I love how confident she is, and how well she carries her style. Not many people can do that actually. It is very unusual form of color-blocking, but she made it work. I have to be honest, she caught my attention because of that red woolen poncho she had as an accessory to her backpack. Such an interesting detail!

toupee uk
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

If there was a movie called 50 shades of blue, he can certainly play the main role 🙂 I adore his baby blue T-shirt with white spider web print! So cute! Washed off denim shorts looks great on him, and since it is made of very light form of denim, it’s perfect for hot days!

evening gown
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

This skirt on her screams summer, right?! So fluttery and light, with gorgeous blue flower print on it. I am not the biggest fan of blue and brown combination, but on her it looks good! 🙂 Neutral platform sandals are a great choice for long walks, since they are very comfy while looking great!

I hope you enjoyed today’s street style report from Romania!

Let me know in the comments, what do you like to wear when in the hottest summer days?

See you in my next post! <3 

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16 thoughts on “Romania’s street style!!!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I actually blog about style, too. I’m so glad that you’re sharing the styles you see during your travels. All of your pictures are great, but I especially love the girl in the second picture. Her confidence seems so effortless!

    1. Thanks hon’ !!! I agree with you completely, so effortless! Not a lot of people can do what she can….to carry her own style in such a great way….amazing!

    1. Thanks darling, I just wanted to show that there are fashionable and stylish people all around us and not just on the red carpets 🙂 Have a great day <3

  2. It’s pretty cool to see what people in other countries are rocking! Their style seems pretty casual! Also, I’m loving the license plates on the cars. So different than the US’ license plates!
    Have a great day

    1. Hahaha, you have a great eye for details since you saw the license plates 🙂 But yes, It’s great seeing the small differences between countries, that’s what makes the world such an interesting place 🙂

    1. Hey darling, I added you on Bloglovin 🙂 And when it comes to taking photos, you need to ask them for permission and for a pose 🙂 Mostly, people are very happy and willing to strike a pose for me 🙂

  3. How awesome it is that you share the styles that you see! Though I wouldn’t do it personally ..I am just too timid to take pictures of random people.

  4. I am extremely inspired with your writing skills as neatly as with the layout on your weblog. Is that this a paid subject matter or did you modify it yourself?

    1. Thank you so much! It is all my work, I made the website from zero, and of course all of the content is my original work! I am glad you liked it 🙂

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