Red and Denim!!!

Hello there my wonderful readers! I hope you are enjoying this warm week 🙂 Spring is coming to its end, and we can see more bright colors all around us. This time, my camera caught often worn combination of red and denim. Red is a popular choice for sunny days, it is bright and has such a summer vibe. And denim….well, it is still not summer officially,so jeans and very much needed to keep us warm and comfortable.

But denim in general is something that never goes out of style and it always makes you look trendy.

So without further delay, let’s see today’s beautiful girls that inspired me for this post:


red and denim
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

I believe that this is one of those situation where picture tells more then words! I mean, look at her, she is so adorable and gorgeous!!! Black and red combination always looks so glamorous. Long red cotton skirt with side pockets and golden thin belt fits her figure perfectly and the cut of the skirt is amazing and it can be flattering on most of the people. Black shirt that goes so well with the skirt has some unusual rivets on one side, and it gives a very fashionable appeal to the entire combination. Little black leather handbag was the right choice for this type of style!!!

red and denim
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Here we can see the combination of red and denim that goes splendidly with her skin tone. The cut of this shirt is very unusual and I like the sleeves so much. Skinny jeans highlight her perfect figure, but the red rose on the jeans just ties this entire look together. But let’s just take a moment to appreciate her accessory game!!! She has done an amazing job with brown and gold details combined with the outfit. Purse matches her shoes and gold watch matches the little details on her shoes and her purse. Accessorizing is a real skills and she did an amazing job!!! She picked this look for an afternoon shopping in the city with her friend 🙂

red and denim
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Red again! People are ready for summer!!! This combination was very intriguing for me. Red denim pants made her entire look so bright and summery and the t-shirt…..well just look at the print on it, so interesting, very urban and again paired perfectly with the pants. Red and denim once again combined make an incredible statement in fashion sense.  With black leather shoulder bag and black sweater in her arm, she looks on point. Red color was always black’s best friend 🙂

Red and denim
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

And last but not least, this beauty!!! First of all her personality is overly adorable and cute, and her style is pure perfection. Blue-black denim combo, so in trend right now and she knows how to rock it. Ripped off black jeans and black shirt in combination with this blue denim ripped long vest goes amazingly well with her youthful spirit. This is a very bold look, not everyone can pull this off, but she can for sure. Sunglasses with blue reflective glass and small leather shoulder bag gives a glam vibe to this modern style. Way to go girl!!!


That was all for today’s post! Soon there will be new inspiring street style looks, so stay tuned!!!

Who is your favorite? Which girl inspired you the most? Let me know in the comments below !!!

See you in the next post!!! 😀

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    1. I have no idea, the entire idea of my blog is not to ask for brand or price of the items but just to capture the beauty of it and the style of a person 🙂

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