Hipster style – passing trend or here to stay?

Hipster this. Hipster that. It seems anything and everything not considered “mainstream” has become “hipster.” What the hell does it mean anymore? Beyond the stereotypical person in thick-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, and v-neck T-shirts, is hipster fashion a recognizable thing?

Well of course it is, but it is also so much more than just fashion.
Luckily I have a friend who is a true hipster and who helped me understand what it’s all about.

Say what you will about hipster style, but the too-cool-for-school approach to dressing mastered and perpetuated by those who call themselves hipsters has had a pretty massive impact on street style, pop culture, and the world of fashion at large. Everything from purposely distressed clothing to statement sweatshirts and Birkenstocks—pieces once exclusively worn by hipsters—have made their way into the chicest of circles.

So in today’s post, we’ll hear all we need to know about this style and lifestyle from a person that I like to call a real Hipster!

Hipster 1
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Let’s jump right into it, how did you develop your style to what it is today?

Well, I have to have to say that my style is strongly connected to the subculture of punk. Generally music and movies are the greatest influence to one’s style. In my case, movies especially influenced my way of dressing.

When it comes to fashion, what makes you stand out from the people around you?

I have more freedom when choosing clothes. I can wear things that not a lot of people would.

Hipster 2
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

What is your opinion about current trends in men’s fashion?

Well, I can not say that I am following the fashion trends in general, but I’ve noticed that most brands are trying to push men to become the same type of consumers as women.

How did your hipster style story begin?

I remember even in my early teenage years I always preferred to wear an older jacket. Somehow the brand new one made me feel uncomfortable. Then the same thing would happen with other pieces of clothes and after years and years of repeating the same process here I am today.

Hipster 3
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Your friends often describe you as a true, original hipster. What do you think about that?

Hipster Culture is quite unique, and not very recognizable by style. I would say that individual hipsters do not have much in common.  I believe that if you ask a real Hipster to define himself as a Hipster, he would probably say that he is not. But let’s say that maybe the major difference between me and nowadays hipsters is that they tend to think that it is important how they look when representing that culture, they are trying too hard to look like hipsters and that’s quite the opposite of the general idea.

Tell me a bit more about Hipster style?

Well, in today’s Internet era, when we have unlimited access to literally everything, every single style, every single outfit ever worn, movies, pictures, YouTube, etc,  we are just overcrowded with information and choosing what to wear today and creating new original combinations became too complex. That’s why it became easier to choose something old and that’s how the hipster style began its path. We are just using the benefits of the past time and adapting it to our style today

Hipster 4
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Since we all know that nowadays it is very expressive to follow the fashion trends, and clothes are becoming more and more expensive for regular people, do you think that hipster-approach of buying older and cheaper clothes will become gain the main role in our fashion scene?

I am not sure that can ever happen, mostly because major fashion companies would not allow it. One of the reasons Hipster’s style is considered a negative thing in the fashion industry is because we are not buying often and most definitely not buying enough.

Alright, Let’s talk a bit about your outfits for today!

Well, the earthy colored shirt was a gift, and it’s one of my favorite pieces. The design is quite unusual, a bit architectural also.  It’s very light and comfortable but it is structured in the same time. I wear it often when I go out.

When it comes to blazers, I generally enjoy wearing them.  No matter the season, I can always pull it off. It gives me the sense of security.  And even though blazers are often considered formal, they are also a part of punk culture. I guess that it depends on the way you wear it.

Hipster 5
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

That’s all for today’s post! 

If you are someone who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities outside of the social mainstream and if you’re keen on pursuing the hipster lifestyle in which independent music labels and vintage clothes feature prominently, then I hope that hearing what I true hipster has to say will help you to discover myriad ways to embrace it fully.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love, Runway Style Doll

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