Fashionable and Chic in the daylight!!!

Hello my dear readers, I am back 🙂 Here we go again with some new amazing inspirational and fashionable street style looks!

I took the advantage of this beautiful and sunny, but cold Wednesday to find some amazing new styles on the streets of Novi Sad in Serbia after so many rainy days.

I have to say that in this city everybody somehow looks so flawless. One of the best dressed up people in the world for sure. Especially girls, so that is why this post will be dedicated to ladies only….sorry guys 🙂 😉

The first thing I spotted is that girls here tend to look so chic, fashionable, elegant and stylish even in the daytime, and that is amazing. I can say that the point of today post would be: Look your best at any time of the day!!!

So let’s see today’s looks:

Fashionable street style
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

These two beautiful young ladies were talking a walk when I stopped them for a pic 🙂 They have totally different styles, but you can see that each knows her game well. The girl on the left has more of a casual everyday style, but well put together. White and denim combo is something that can never go wrong, plus the brown leather shoulder bag is there to break the monotonous appeal! The girl on the right side has such an elegant sense of fashion, and I love her look so much. Skinny jeans were a perfect choice with the fur jacket and it made her look so chic! Of course I have to mention that her accessories were on point!!!

Fashionable street style
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

I am obsessed with this look!!! She is so stunning and incredibly fashionable!!! Black ripped jeans, long black shirt intercepted in the waist, denim jacket and floral shoes. Can it get any better or more interesting? 🙂 But this type of look is not for everyone, you need to have a special type of personality to be able to rock this style in the right way like she does. Blue reflective sunglasses pulled this look together and gave her such a stylish appeal! Great job girl!!!

Fashionable street style
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Cream and dark blue is a combination I would never imagined  it can look good. But on her it really does. Her style is so elegant and overall timeless, but totally casual as well thanks to the blue accessories on her. I adore this fabulous over-sized light cream sweater. It fits her perfectly and makes her look classy and sophisticated. Once again, amazing daytime outfit.

bridesmaid dresses
Photography by: Jovana Markovic

Yellow is a perfect spring color. And can she be more adorable? She is styled to perfection!!! Modern but elegant, classy but casual, sweet but sassy! First of all, look at those shoes, they are so trendy right now, and yellow ones were the perfect choice. She paired them with yellow blazer with identical tone, witch is a true fashionista skill! White shirt with butterfly print is so cute and it fits her fluttery personality. Way to go girl, you rocked this look for sure 🙂

That was all  for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and got inspired from these amazing girls 🙂

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite style from today’s report !?! 🙂

See you soon!!!


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