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Hey, Hey! I am back with a very special street style post.  Why special, you may ask? Well, it’s because it is the 2nd anniversary of my blog. I couldn’t be more proud of what I have accomplished so far and all the amazing things that are ahead of me in this wonderful blogging journey. Exactly two years ago, I’ve published my first post called leather jacket-the first sign of spring, so It’s only logical to let the leather jacket dominate this post as well 🙂 But unlike the first post, this time I am going for more badass, biker, hot vibes 😉

But before we start, let me blast you with some good news. If you follow me on Instagram (and you really should:D ), you’ve seen that I will be participating in Blogger Fest and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve also won the first prize for my last post in a competition that the Blogger Fest organized 🙂 There is a lot of work to be done before the Fest, a lot of photoshoots, big promotions that will take part soon and so much more. It was a really good month!

You are maybe confused by this title, but I stand by it: Basic is the new HOT! And you’ll see what I talking about in these two street style stories I’ve prepared for you in this post. Enjoy!

Street Style Alisa

I know you are dying to know who this gorgeous girl is 🙂 I know you took a moment to stare at her pic, but keep on reading, there is more to come 🙂 Her name is Alisa and she is my dear friend and absolute proof that Basic is the new HOT! She doesn’t care much about fashion trends, and as she said she is slowly behind most of them, but somehow always manage to look stunning. When you see a girl this beautiful, you usually think that she is above approach, but she is kind, funny, smart and so down to earth. She is a gymnast and a student at the University of sports.

When it comes to street style, she believes that it became too mainstream for her taste: “Latino street style is very cool, but it is very forced out as well as the 2000’s fashion that is always trying to make a comeback”. She also told me that her perfect street style look is an outfit that is comfortable for running all over town for a longer period of time and that would be a good pair of jeans, sneakers, backpack, some sweater or jacket and of course accessories. Currently, she shops at second-hand stores and she said: “I never had more branded clothes for the minimal price as well that feeling of euphoria when shopping and constant surprise when finding the perfect piece for the smallest price possible”

Street Style Alisa

We also talked about current fashion trends, and we share the opinion that trends are passing by so quickly and they go from one extreme to another. It’s next to impossible to keep track of all of them. Moreover, she doesn’t like wearing what most girls are, and we agree there as well 🙂 I also asked her what is one piece she cannot exclude from her outfit and she instantly said Jeans. “Jeans can be worn for any occasion, from casual to formal when pairing it with heels. Comfort and mobility come first! “

As a teen, like most of the people, she went through different fazes when it comes to her style until she found what really makes her feel comfortable and herself.

Street Style Uros Timin

Another treat for the eyes, my friend Uros Timic, writer, novelist and really an amazing guy, and also a Director of Blogger Fest. I loved his style from the moment I’ve met him and I just had to do a photoshoot with him. Not just because he is so good looking, but because his street style is exactly what this blog is all about: Effortlessly stunning without having to spend thousands of dollars on clothes! His style is urban, a bit fancy, with a bit of rock and a little darkness and his name written all over it!

Street Style Uros Timin

When it comes to his perception of men’s street style he said that James Dean invented the definition of street fashion and that with a good pair of jeans, white shirt and a leather jacket, you can’t really go wrong. I totally agree with that! He also loves wearing an unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt, leather bracelets and necklaces with an interesting pendant. Sunglasses are one of his favorite accessories as well. I love seeing men that do not fear the accessories, they always add that extra wow to an outfit, especially when done tastefully.

Street Style Uros Timin

We also talked about fashion trends and he had an interesting argument: “Even if you are keen on following fashion trends, you can always add your own signature to what you are wearing”.  A lot of people forget that you absolutely can adjust trends to your own personal style, there are no rules in fashion people! He also said that he likes the current fashion trends for men since classic pants are back in style, let jeans rest for a while 🙂

Uros also had different fazes when it comes to his style, from looking like he escaped from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, to looking like he just gave up 🙂 When he finally had enough time and money to take care of his look, he started developing his personal style. He also mentioned that no matter what kind of style you have, how you wear it is more important than what you wear. “Your style should fit your body, hight and generally how you look without any clothes on”.

Street Style Uros Timin

I had an amazing time shooting with Alisa and Uros. I love meeting new and interesting people through my search of what the streets of the world have to offer when it comes to fashion. They are both talented and inspiring people (They wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case 😀 ) and I am lucky to call them my friends.

I also want to thank you all for being here and being a part of Runway Style Doll for the past two years and hopefully for years to come. This is my happy place, and I am very grateful to have you all in it 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed these street style stories!



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  1. It’s so important to create your own comfortable and unique style! I couldn’t agree more. Loving these looks. In my opinion, less is often more. <3 Thanks for sharing!

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