street style

Basic is the new HOT! – Street Style

Hey, Hey! I am back with a very special street style post.  Why special, you may ask? Well, it’s because it is the 2nd anniversary of my blog. I couldn’t be more proud of what I have accomplished so far and all the amazing things that are ahead of me in this wonderful blogging journey. Exactly two years ago, I’ve published[…]

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Munich street style – Oktoberfest special edition

Hey, hey dear readers 🙂 I’ve been in Munich during the Oktoberfest and I had an amazing time there. I got to relax, shop and have a lot of fun:) Of course, other then trying out scary rides, drinking beer and enjoying everything Munich has to offer, I also captured some of the diversity of German traditional wear during this[…]

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Street Style - Winter Edition

Street Style – Winter Edition !!!

Hello my dear readers! I am sorry I was away for a while, but now I’m back  and very much inspired to create new content for you! I am not the biggest fan of cold weather, but I adore the winter fashion. I’ve captured some amazing styles recently in order to show how people manage to stay fashionable even during[…]

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Corfu Street Style

Hey there! I am back with another post! This time I am here to show you the looks I was able to capture in the streets of one of the most amazing cities I’ve seen – Corfu. It’s the capital city of  beautiful island of Corfu in Greece in the middle of the Ionian Sea. But let’s talk fashion here. I know[…]

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Hipster style – passing trend or here to stay?

Hipster this. Hipster that. It seems anything and everything not considered “mainstream” has become “hipster.” What the hell does it mean anymore? Beyond the stereotypical person in thick-rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, and v-neck T-shirts, is hipster fashion a recognizable thing? Well of course it is, but it is also so much more than just fashion. Luckily I have a friend[…]

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difference is style

Difference is the definition of style!!!

Hello everyone, I am back with another street style report! This one will be short but sweet! Today I want to show you that difference is what makes the style. Many people believe that we are all uniformed, wearing the similar clothes, following the same trends, buying from the same shops, etc. But from my point of view, we are[…]

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Sex and the city - beauty off screen

Sex and the city – Street style edition!

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched the TV show “Sex and the city“.  And since I am watching it once again now, I was totally inspired by it to make this post! That show made me fall in love with fashion and helped me understand the art behind it! But more then that, that show changed the[…]

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Romania street style

Romania’s street style!!!

Quand la mode rencontre la beauté, l’union est d’une élégance divine ! La célèbre Maison de Couture Balmain Paris impose sa griffe cette saison en dévoilant des coffrets à tomber. C’est ainsi que j’ai découvert ces écrins merveilleux signés Balmain Hair, aussi précieux que redoublement efficaces. So chic, so glam’ – Balmain ! Savante alliance des tendances actuelles réunies, le[…]

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Summer madness!!!

Hello my dolls, I am back with another street style report 🙂 Summer is here and we can finally put our winter clothes aside! Summer is my favorite season: dresses, shorts, sandals, vibrant colors and minimum makeup! Therefore, this time I will show you few girls with amazing summer looks! Enjoy! She is so adorable!

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red and denim

Red and Denim!!!

Hello there my wonderful readers! I hope you are enjoying this warm week 🙂 Spring is coming to its end, and we can see more bright colors all around us. This time, my camera caught often worn combination of red and denim. Red is a popular choice for sunny days, it is bright and has such a summer vibe. And denim….well,[…]

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Fashionable and Chic in the daylight!!!

Hello my dear readers, I am back 🙂 Here we go again with some new amazing inspirational and fashionable street style looks! I took the advantage of this beautiful and sunny, but cold Wednesday to find some amazing new styles on the streets of Novi Sad in Serbia after so many rainy days.

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Vienna, Vienna, Vienna !!!

One of my future plans is to travel the world and search for stylish people to see what kind of fashion we can find on the streets of different counties and different cities. So this time I took a trip to Vienna in Austria and found some great looking people 🙂 I would describe Vienna’s style as expensive and classy.[…]

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Leather jacket – the first sign of spring !!!

Finally my first post! 🙂 And there is no better time to start doing something new then in the Spring. I can not be more excited about starting my own blog 😀 And for my first post I decided to take a closer look to the first sign of spring and warmer weather: Leather jacket! 😉 I can see that[…]

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