Art, Fashion or something else ?!?

I know we all love watching high-end fashion shows, admiring those designers and their art, but more then often we are left confused and shocked by what is presented to us. Questioning ourselves and scratching our heads: Hmmm, is this fashion? Who would ever wear this? 🙂

So let’s see that artistic approach in fashion and some of the runway’s weirdest styles from the Fashion weeks of previous years!

art fashion funny


Really? Who would ever wear this? And I am wondering what can be the possible occasion where this “dress” would be a perfect fit? How can a person even walk in this? I have no idea!!! Is this fashion? Or is she just wearing a huge painting with wooden frame? I can understand that this is art, but I can not say that this is fashion….can you? 🙂

art fashion funny

I have no idea who made this, but it was to crazy to be left out! Again, I have to ask, what is this? Where are the arms? I mean, it makes you look like a modern dinosaur or something. By wearing this you can not do anything since you can not use your arms, so maybe this is around-the-house kind of look!?

art fashion funny

Really? This is not art, it is an attempted murder! She can not breathe in there. I can see that the designer was trying to make some sort of statement, but I can not see where is he/she going with this? Can you even see through that thing? One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen!


Alexander McQueen – Fall 2013

 I love Alexander McQueen so much, but this is a bit over the top? It’s some kind of royalty S&M look, right? The details here are amazing, so much work was put in this, this is a real form of art,  but the metal net around the head is just playing crazy!

Crazy art fashion

Alright, we have gone to another dimension of crazy! What is this? A dress? A machine? A giant metal octopus? It’s a little overboard, right? I mean, yes, this is very artistic, but can we call it fashion? I don’t think so.

crazy art fashoon crazy art fashoon

Come on, I can not even believe that was actually on the runway show! But you have to admit that this would make an amazing Halloween costume 🙂 But other then that, I can not imagine anyone wearing this in any other case. To be honest, I would get a heart attack if I saw someone dressed like this 🙂

art  evening gown uk

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Milan Fashion Week Fall 2009

Breakfast and umbrella on the go! So clever, and totally crazy 😀 Have you ever saw someone on the streets wearing something like this? I can not say that this is not interesting, because it really is, but a bit much right?

That’s all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed. 

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this! Would you ever wear something like this? Is this art, fashion or something else? 

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See you in my next post!!!

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