Enzoriva sunglasses – All Eyez On Me!!

Hey, hey guys! How are you all doing? Well, first of all today I am here to let you know about a brand I’ve recently partnered with – Enzoriva. They are making great sunglasses with high quality lenses at a very reasonable price. And you know how much I love a good pair of sunglasses. It’s my perfect accessory, gives a final touch to any outfit!

I know, Summer is slowly coming to it’s end, why talk now about the new shades? Well, I am the type of girl that wears sunglasses through the entire year! Main reason for that are my light eyes and they are not good friends with daylight 🙂

I had a chance of trying out 3 different Enzoriva styles and I’ve been wearing them non stop for the past few weeks. Below you’ll see how I composed them into my outfits and details about each pair!


Hacker girl lollipop Enzoriva sunglasses

The first pair that I will talk about is called Hacker Girl Lollipop! With blue mirrored lenses and bamboo handles they make a perfect accessory for a beach party look! They are very light-weighted, so they make no pressure on my nose and they don’t mess up my makeup even after they’ve been on my face the entire day. I like my nose contour to stay put 🙂

Hacker girl lollipop Enzoriva sunglasses

The thing that impressed the most about all of sunglasses I’ve tried from Enzoriva, is the lens quality. It was way beyond from what I’ve expected considering they are very affordable. Lenses provide a high level of sun glare reduction and UVA and UVB protection.

Price range for Enzoriva sunglasses is from 16$ to 25$! Amazing, right?

Hacker girl lollipop Enzoriva sunglasses

Hacker girl lollipop is stylish, urban and very trendy! And it’s Unisex, so it can look great on everyone 🙂 I’ve paired it with this blue short jumpsuit and a headband, and I loved how it looked all together! No beach party look is ever completed without a good pair of shades!

All eyes were on me!

Let’s move on to the next one 🙂

Cool Cat Walk Enzoriva sunglasses

Cool Cat Walk is my favorite pair out of three I’ve tried even though they are a bit heavier on the nose then the other two! I just love the cat-eye black and ivory frame and the lenses are amazing with brown-beige ombre transition. You can rock these shades with a casual outfit like I am wearing here, or with a formal wear….it goes with everything! That’s why I love them the most!

Cool Cat Walk Enzoriva sunglasses

They are so sophisticated and fierce and they will make any look stand out even more. Not to mention they are only 25$! You will be seeing more of these on my Instagram for sure 🙂

And lastly:

True Cat Enzoriva sunglasses

True Cat Enzoriva sunglasses are totally September perfect. Tortoise brown frame with a flat top, brown lenses and bamboo handles make these shades amazing for the fall 🙂

True Cat Enzoriva sunglasses

I’ve paired them up with my olive green – black outfit with military printed jeans, and they really made my look complete 😀 They are almost an editorial piece! Very light weighted, I don’t even feel them on my face.


I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I am enjoying these sunglasses 🙂

Which one is your favorite pair?

If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section! 

More info about Enzoriva’s new collection coming soon!

Love ya,

Runway Style Doll



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17 thoughts on “Enzoriva sunglasses – All Eyez On Me!!

  1. I am loving the true cat glasses but they all look amazing and look great on you! I really must invest in some better glasses for next summer, I’ll have to check this brand out!

  2. Gosh! I love all the sunglasses you are modeling and your outfits are awesome, too! The bamboo temple side arms are certainly a plus and look very stylish. I’m a huge fan of bamboo for its sustainability factor and it’s a great beachy look – as you mentioned.

  3. Cool Cat Walk is definitely my favourite pair, even though they all look amazing on you. Thanks for introducing us to this brand! Their sunglasses are amazing xx

  4. The ones that you’re wearing with the crop top? LOVE THEM!!! I’ve never heard of this brand before but will be checking them out!

  5. I have a totally irrational obsession with sunglasses, I LOVE the way they look and I can’t stop buying them but I don’t actually wear them at all! I wish I didn’t wear regular glasses because then I would be unstoppable! I love the True Cat pair, so chic!

  6. These are an awesome accessory to your already awesome outfit. I like the the blue ones the most. They may be the most ordinary, but I like the pop of the color and I want them right now!

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