Colourpop madness – Super Shock Shadows Review!

Welcome to my Colourpop review!

First of all, I know I was away for too long, but I’ve lost my inspiration for countless reasons and I did not want to post an article that I wasn’t 100% happy with. That’s just not my style! So, I made a break until I managed to put myself together and get inspired to write again.  If you follow me on Instagram, you could see that I am slowly finding my way back and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve quit my job to dedicate all my time to blogging. Life is too short not to be doing what you love the most. Also, I want to take this chance to announce that very soon I will upload my first YouTube video. That will be the place where I will explore my artistic soul that was captured for way too long.

The good news is: I AM BACK!

Let’s jump into what this post is really about:

Colourpop super shock shadows

As you know, besides fashion I am very into makeup. I love finding new great products at a reasonable price of course 🙂 And well, soon I will move that love towards makeup to my Youtube and leave Runway Style to be a place for fashion lovers, but until that happens here is my side of the story with Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop super shock shadows

When placing the order, I have focused on super shocked shadows! Honestly I didn’t believe in all those instagram pics, it was just too good to be true! I had to try it out for myself and boy I was SUPER SHOCKED 😉

Colourpop super shock shadows

Let me start with the Colourpop formula because that was the thing that shocked me the most. Long-Wearing crème powder formula has elastic-like texture that feels so good and light on the eyes while being the most pigmented eyeshadow I’ve ever tried. Not to mention that there is minimum fallout with matte shades and almost no fallout at all with glittery ones! I recommend wetting your brush first if you want it to be even more intense and by using them wet you will reduce any risk of fallout as well 🙂

Colourpop super shock shadows

Say goodbye to raccoon eyes! If you are like me, and doing your face first, you will appreciate the no fallout part for sure. 😀  This feather soft formula literally glides on and feels freakin’ amazing on the eyes!

Colourpop super shock shadows

The color range they are offering is incredible, but also you are able to choose different finishes that suits you the best. It’s time to go in detail! Ready? Let’s go!

Colourpop super shock shadows

Sequin – A rosy penny copper with multi-dimensional glitter.

The one –  satin light pinky beige with subtle golden sheen

Glitterati – silver shade with gold ultra-glitter

Arrow –  vibrant red topped with pink and copper glitter

Co-pilot – light icy pink ultra-glitter

Girly –  satin creamy vanilla with a pink and gold sheen

Boy band – warm copper shade with ultra metallic finish

La La – ultra-glittery soft copper

Get lucky – muted ultra-glittery gold (click HERE)

Colourpop super shock shadows

Coconut – satin bright turquoise blue

Luckfully – deep cobalt blue with satin finish

Fooling around – Bright metallic red

Cusp – bright green with blue and gold glitter

Rex – Black drenched with blue ultra-glitter

Fantasy – electric neon red violet topped in a multi-dimensional glitter

Roulette – matte true black

Envy – Black saturated with violet glitter

Lace – A satin deepened violet


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That’s all for today’s post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Let me know in the comments what is your favorite super shock shadow from Colourpop?

I love them all, but I have to choose one it would be GET LUCKY 😉

Thank for reading!

See you very soon again 🙂


Runway Style Doll

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