ready-to-wear Fall 2016

Ready-to-Wear Fall 2016 Runway shows – Best off!

October means we’re past any plausible deniability — Fall is certainly here. So, I’m embracing the season the best way I know how: watching Ready-to-Wear Fall 2016 Runway shows! And I have to say that I am amazed with the new collections! So I wanted to show you the highlights and my personal favorites from Runway shows that are putting out the[…]

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Celebrity style story: Sarah Jessica Parker

If there is one celeb’s closet I’d practically die to have, it’d be Sarah Jessica Parker‘s. For years and years now she is keeping the title of style icon and the most fashionable celebrity. From sporting classic gowns to incorporating edgier pieces, SJP’s looks are always an absolute must-see.

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Art, Fashion or something else ?!?

I know we all love watching high-end fashion shows, admiring those designers and their art, but more then often we are left confused and shocked by what is presented to us. Questioning ourselves and scratching our heads: Hmmm, is this fashion? Who would ever wear this? 🙂 So let’s see that artistic approach in fashion and some of the runway’s weirdest

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From Runway to Red carpet!!!

One of the greatest things about being an A-lister is that you can wear  the latest designer threads right off the runway! Some swipe their styling right from the runway, while others strike out and really make the looks their own. But sometimes their choice is completely wrong! In today’s post I want to show you some of the 2016 red carpet[…]

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Selena Gomez

Celebrity style story: Selena Gomez

One of the most adored teenagers in the world, Selena Gomez, is well known for having the most glamorous, classy and extraordinary couture on the red carpets. Tasteful and with style. I have to say that I love her look so much, and she can pull anything out, whatever she wears looks amazing.

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